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The MISSION of the TTA is simple and clear: “To promote and develop the growth of tennis”

The TTA has identified five CORE VALUES which constitute the fundamental beliefs of the organization:

  • Integrity

    The TTA is committed to the highest standards of integrity, honesty and ethics.

  • Inclusiveness

    The TTA actively seeks all people who play, watch, support, and/or enjoy the game of tennis into its events, programs, membership, leadership, and activities on a non-discriminatory basis.

  • Excellence

    The TTA continually strives for excellence and is dedicated to providing outstanding service and value.

  • Commitment & Teamwork

    The TTA is committed to its mission and believes that mission can best be achieved through the efforts of volunteers, staff and strategic partners working as a team.

  • Accountability

    TTA staff and volunteers accept responsibility for how their actions support the TTA Mission.

Why Us


Besides being well-known and trusted by the community...

We provide opportunities for members to become more connected with locals to build long lasting friendships and a stronger community. Not to mention have fun while doing so!

  • Meet people and socialize
  • Make friends on and off the courts
  • Become part of the community
  • Have fun while staying active and healthy
  • Enjoy healthy competition
  • Activities and games all year round
  • Learn to play like a pro
  • Good experience for youth
  • Awesome for the family

They say


Playing in the Thornton Tennis has been great to stay competitive and also meet some wonderful people. Where else can you set your own schedule to play and see if you still have game in your game. For me it has been great and the League Coordinator is outstanding.

Nick F.

Thornton Tennis has been a super way for me to "get back in the game". It's enjoyable, competitive, economical, convenient, professionally organized, and so friendly. I love playing outdoors and meeting new players in the league. I'm very much looking forward to the next season.

Chelsea M.

I always loved tennis but did not have anyone to play with or a reason to practice until TTA. Now, I have a lot of hitting partners and a reason to hone my skills!

Bob S.

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